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“You can’t change the industry”

On the corporate side of the industry, this is what many told us. We thought the same until we saw the light. While working for a captive agency, finding new ways to help people invest, prepare for retirement, and handle their finances were difficult. Long story short, we always felt like there was more out there that the everyday person was missing out on.

An opportunity came our way that allowed us, the three owners, to “make our own adventure.” Eli Busch, Reese Stiller, and Shane Zerbe had a vision not to have restrictions on what offerings they could give the public. For those unaware, most corporate financial chains only have access to a handful of different companies they can work with (or they are highly monetarily incentivized to go with them). We did not want this, and we wanted something that gave the community, OUR community, options.

Being Christ-led individuals, we knew this was the step that we needed to take. We went back and forth on different names for the company, but the one that we kept coming back to; the one that spoke to our hearts and feelings toward the financial industry as a whole and our role in it, was Kingdom Guard Financial Group. "Kingdom Guard"- being able to give glory to the kingdom of God, as well protecting those assets for the households we service. "Financial Group"- because it is a financial services firm, but the group really matters here. We are truly a group that can handle investments, insurances, group benefits, and many other things that you will see on the website.

We actively pursued education on various platforms; unconventional ways to prepare for retirement, the nuances in the insurance industry that are costing people money, and how to fight the "emotion-led" wall street so people can truly call their money an investment. With our connections and everything we can now offer, we can confidently say we have the widest selection of options to work with from Pittsburgh to Erie to ensure we are providing you with the options that most effectively fit your life and goals.

Our mission is very clear. We want to help people make financially sound decisions to improve their way of life and position them to be able to bless others in every aspect of life. Our motto is “See The Difference,” and we strongly believe that everyone we have talked to will agree that they saw the difference because we are called to be here to educate and assist, not sell for a corporation.

We look forward to serving you and this community for years to come.

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