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Life is full of surprises! Sometimes those surprises are happy ones, like a new job or a new baby. Sometimes they're less welcome, like a car accident or a medical emergency. That's why it's so important to have insurance. Insurance protects us from unexpected financial burdens when something bad happens. Whether it's your car, your health, your home, or your business, there's an insurance policy that can help protect you. While no one likes to think about the worst case scenario, it's always better to be prepared. 

There are many types of Insurance. We are here to help find a tailored fit for you! 

  • Life Insurance -Term, Whole life, Universal, IUL and VUL death triggered pay out. Used for burial costs, inheritance, legacy, Debt coverage & repayment, inheritance tax avoidance. 

  • Long-Term Disability - Pays up to a maximum of 60% of your earned income for a specified amount of time upon an injury or inability to work. The reason does not have to be work related or caused at work. 

  • Long-Term Care - Helps cover assisted living, at home care, or nursing home costs to avoid depleting assets or the government taking your home.

  • Home & Auto - Property insurance. Used for replacement of damaged/stolen property. Auto is used for liability of a vehicle as well as can cover damages caused by hitting a deer or an accident.

  • Worker’s Compensation- State run emergency funds if an employee is unable to work, typically due to injury on the work site

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