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5 Steps to Balancing your Household Budget

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  1. Identify Goals

    1. Financial goals can be a huge motivator for people to work towards. If you want your life and finances in order, it's important that you identify what financial targets or milestones are most important so they motivate the rest of everything else on this list!

  2. Record Expenses

    1. What's your monthly spend? Keep in mind that you will need to include infrequent items like car maintenance.

  3. Record Earnings

    1. Estimate your net income for the month. List each source of money you expect to receive.

  4. Calculate

    1. Subtract your projected expenses from your estimated net income. The equation can be as simple as: income minus expenses = budget.

  5. Fix Weak Spots

    1. Adjust your planned spending or consider additional income as necessary. Set goals on how to control these weak points.

BONUS: Free Budget Calculator

Free Budget Calculator
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